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Tires & parts

Safe driving begins with choosing the appropriate tires. At Go Nissan North, we offer an extensive range of tire options, encompassing snow tires, truck tires, performance tires, and economy tires. Our certified technicians possess the expertise to recommend the perfect set to ensure your vehicle maintains optimal road traction.

Nissan parts and tires in Edmonton

Go Nissan North's
Tire Advantage

You get $400 worth of repairs, warranties, and more for free with the Go Auto Tire Advantage

When you buy and install four tires at Go Nissan North, or any Go Auto dealership, you receive all this for free:

  • 10% off your tire payment
  • 5% of your purchase price back on your Go Card
  • Two-year tire warranty
  • Free lifetime flat repair
  • Don’t pay for 12 months


Order your all-season or performance tires today

Go Nissan North stocks more than ten brands of tires, everything from all-season through to quality performance tires. We offer a two-year tire replacement warranty, no questions asked. Parts and labour are covered on all tires sold.

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Genuine Nissan parts

Second-hand or aftermarket parts could damage your car or wear out quickly. Genuine Nissan parts fit exactly and last for years under normal driving conditions. Contact Go Nissan North for original Nissan parts.

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Genuine parts keep your Nissan at peak performance

At first glance, aftermarket parts may be cheaper. But it’s important to remember that they don't meet the quality of original parts designed and manufactured by Nissan. Some of the best car parts in the world are made by Nissan. These parts may be a bit more expensive but they fit like a glove and deliver much longer and better performance than second-hand or after market parts.

You can recognize Nissan parts because they will say genuine, or have OEM on them, and carry Nissan's logo.

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